Identity constructs us and is constructed by us. My own identity and positionality as a researcher, educator, partner, advocate, ally, and friend is constantly evolving as I learn and grow. I currently serve as a Program Coordinator in the Office of Equity & Inclusion at the University of Delaware, as well as being an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Women & Gender Studies.  Prior to arriving in Delaware, I was a full-time lecturer in the Women’s & Gender Studies program at Iowa State University. I received my Ph. D. in Curriculum & Instruction, with an emphasis in multicultural and international curriculum studies, in 2013 from Iowa State University. I consider myself a feminist multicultural sexuality educator and approach my work from these intersecting theoretical perspectives. My dissertation research examined the implementation of sexuality education policy in rural Midwestern communities. More broadly, I am interested in the social construction of sexuality and the influence it continues to have in our society. This influence encompasses education, social policy, media discourse, and notions of identity, privilege, and power.


My background has come full circle in many ways. As an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, I studied higher education and sexual health/ sexual health education. I was also very interested in leadership and leadership theory, and this combination of interests took me to Virginia Tech, where I received a M.A.E.d. in Higher Education and Student Affairs. I returned to the Midwest to work full-time as a residence hall director in a traditional all-male community setting. These professional experiences further assisted in my own identity formation, and ultimately led me to my current work, returning to my initial interests in sexuality on all levels. I am a passionate advocate for sex-positive multicultural comprehensive sexuality education, an engaged educator committed to the scholarship of teaching and learning, and a dedicated ally for oppressed groups. I do all of this while continuing to make sense of my own privilege as a White, heterosexual male, and the space I occupy in this work as I strive to give voice to others.

When I’m not reading, writing, or teaching, you can find me with a pair of running shoes as I chase down new and exciting goals and distances. If you happen to be a runner yourself, or are just curious, feel free to check out Chasing 42: Life, The Universe, and RunningI attempt to bring to bear my critical thinking skills on a sport that often defies logic…which is part of the fun, I suppose!

  1. what is the best way to get in direct contact with you?

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